How to validate (and SELL) a product/program BEFORE you build it.


This is Jaime’s step-by-step process on how to get paying customers, a roadmap the problems you can solve for them, AND a check in hand before you do the hardwork of creating a course or product.


* Note: Follow each link to grab a video file or MP3 of each step. Be aware, these files are LARGE! It may take you a while to download, don’t be alarmed if so… nothing is broken… just lots of data!

For Step 2 You can try downloading the big 5GB zip file. If you’re having problems with downloading a huge zip file, we’ve split it up into 1GB chunks. You need to download all the parts first before you can unzip that.

There’s some free unzip utilities out there.? You can try googling “free unzip utility”.? One free software that came out on top of that search is this

Here is a youtube video on how to do this. Hope this helps.

If you’re using a Mac, try using a tool called Stuffit Expander

If you have any issues accessing the videos/files ?on this page please email