Welcome Millionaire Hustlers!

I hope you are ready to make the next 90 days a game changer! We will be focusing on kicking you (and your biz) into high gear, becoming ridiculously productive and creating more cash in your business.

A quick rundown of what you can expect throughout the program.

Weekly Outline…

On Monday’s at 5:30PM PST (7:30PM CST // 8:30PM EST) we will have live Q&A sessions. Come to this call prepared to ask questions on the content within the membership site and how it applies to your biz. We suggest taking it week by week. Q&A’s are open though — you can ask questions on content in the membership site, the worksheets or other areas of focus (ie. podcasting, scaling a business, hiring a virtual staff).

  • Accountability check-ins will also be run for the previous week’s “action item check in”.

On Monday evenings?Jaime will start an “action item check in” thread in the Facebook group. You will post your top five “active actions” for the week here. We will review all your active actions posted and give feedback when?necessary.

On Fridays, there will be another post in the Facebook group asking you to check in on the status on what you completed for the week. We ask that everyone updates on their action items by Sunday at midnight so that Monday you are ready to go for the next week!

Between Sessions…

Between the weekly webinar sessions if you get stuck, need a resource or feedback please post in the Facebook group! We are all here to help you and love to do so!

The incredible thing about the power of the Facebook group is not only can you get feedback from Jaime and Joel?(and learn from all the questions asked) but you get to collectively harness the power of your peers. We encourage feedback between members — especially if an area asked about is a particular strength of yours. Know that your peers will also be there to support you and return the favor when you need it!

** Note: Feel free to chat about your businesses, skill sets, and services that you offer (when appropriate) — just don?t be spammy! The goal is to give value first, learn from/with each other and to stay accountable to moving forward in your biz!

Private Feedback or Questions…

If at any point you have any questions, issues or concerns you want private feedback on please reach out to hustlers@eventualmillionaire.com.

You can also email me (jaime@eventualmillionaire.com) but my inbox gets a little crazy and the most effective way to communicate with me will be by posting in the Facebook group (I?ll be checking in there regularly!) Also ? tag me when you can! It helps when things get a little crazy in there!

Remember? you get OUT?of this program what you put INTO?it so I hope you are ready to HUSTLE! 🙂

Know that myself, as well as my team and your fellow Hustlers are here for you every step of the way, so don?t be afraid to reach out or ask questions! Looking forward to kicking butt the next 90 days with you!

– Jaime