Hugh Culver – Antarctica Tourism and Millionaire Speaker

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Antarctica Tourism and Millionaire Speaker Hugh Culver

Hugh is amazing. He tells his story of creating a large tourism company in Canada and how he ended up bringing people to Antarctica for $35,000 a person.

Hugh has a great story of marathons, white water rafting, as well as creating the only tourism company in the world that traveled to Antarctica. Learn why saying “You might die doing this” is a good marketing tactic, and why charging way more is easy.

Plus learn some great advice from Hugh’s $25,000 keynotes, and tips and advice for your speaking career (and mine, I get to ask him a lot of questions about what I should be doing as a speaker!)

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  • Jaime, wow! What advice from Hugh Culver, this podcast is the one I was waiting for, great information for new entrepreneurs and Eventual Millonaires, you are doing an exceptional job.

    Sabas Flores

  • I’ve read your story from corbett’s website when you posted your guest blog there. I must say I’m pretty impressed with your?story?and this is a good podcast! Very?informative?and inspiring for marketers out there who wants to earn more.?

    Spatch Merlin
    How to Blog Guide

  • Such people can give a lot of good some advice. Poeple just need to use them.?

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