Hug Your Haters With Jay Baer

American marketing consultant, speaker, and the author of the New York Times bestselling book – Jay Baer

Jay BaerWho are “onstage haters”, how to handle them, and why you should never ignore negative comments. What is the Hatrix map and why you’ll want to have it close to you every time you’re interacting online. The Rule of Two Replies you must always, ALWAYS stick to when responding online. How to make your customers the happiest even if you don’t actually solve their problems. Simple ways to make your customer service team stellar even if you are just a small company. How to make all the complaints on Twitter actually work in your favour. Why using scripts to handle complaints is evil.

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3 responses

  • We’ve had situations where we know we are dealing with a whack job who just wants a full refund. Not because we did anything wrong but because they want our service for free. If I engage them on social media reviews they will respond with more vitriol so I choose not to engage to prevent it from getting worse.
    Also I found that (on Yelp specifically) if I do not respond the review often ends up being filtered.

  • I really learned a lot from this interview with Jay. Thank you so much for the podcast. I also appreciate being able to listen to them on my schedule as I’m not always available for live podcasts.

  • I love all the interviews, but Jay gave so much awesome information, that I`m thinking that there`s a business idea ready to start here. I will buy the book and learn more about it, but someone should be offering this service with high quallity.

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