How Work/Life Balance can Increase your Revenue with Jerrod Sessler

Founder and CEO of HomeTask, former NASCAR driver, serial entrepreneur, and author – Jerrod Sessler

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Jerrod SesslerJerrod talks about starting up his first business which involved knowing nothing about the industry, getting a terminal disease, and having everything crash after 9/11. His outlook changed, and his faith helped him through it. Now he has countless successful brands that he franchises, and explains two really important concepts. The idea of staying on top of outgoing expenses (small leaks sink ships!) and how to organize your business processes to keep you out of it.

Plus stay tuned til the end because there is an Eventual Millionaire challenge for you to participate in!

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6 responses

  • Love it! <3 šŸ™‚

  • Hey Jamie,

    Thank you for this interview!

    I’ve listened to your podcast for a long time ( years I’m sure but not really sure how long ). It is one of shows that I look forward to most each week because virtually EVERY WEEK there is something I can take away, some book to read, someone I didn’t know of to contact, etc. The whole idea of being able to hear the mindset of millionaires each week is awesome!

    I have to admit, I almost skipped this weeks show because its a holiday week and we have lots going on, but in a trip to the hardware store today it came up in Stitcher and now I’m finishing my second listening! Wow.

    Jerrod’s story is a real one, one that validates the challenges we encounter each day, and one that demonstrates that entrepreneurship is a whole life endeavor, not one we can segment out into a tidy little 9-5 bucket Monday through Friday.

    As always, there are tons of great nuggets spread out through this interview, but the real take-away, IMHO, is this… your business should support your life, not dictate or run your life. Because in the end, what we all really want is freedom. Freedom to help homeschool our kids and not harm the business because we take that time, freedom to take 12 weeks off… and everything is still there, still running when we come back. If you are “running” a business that can’t survive without you, you’re just the number 1 employee.

    Anyway, thanks again for this and all the interviews you do. They are all very valuable in our lives.


  • Great interview. Very inspiring and it was nice to touch base on the spiritual nature of the entreprenurial lifestyle and life purpose.

  • Love Jerrod’s attitude about his cancer, his businesses, and his life. It seems that he has a great perspective on it all, thanks to his faith in God.

  • i cant find the business finance 101 book anywhere, who is it written by?

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