How to take Charge of Your Business Finances (even if you hate looking at numbers!) with serial entrepreneur Diana House

Business Finance Expert + Profit Advisor, Private Lender, Real Estate Investor + 2 Business Exits  – Diana House

I’m very thrilled to have Diana House on the show. Diana House is a lawyer turned serial entrepreneur, real estate lender, developer, and investor.

Diana has built a highly profitable 7 figure company, been on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark’s Tank), done a successful crowdsourcing campaign, and sold two businesses in the e-commerce space.

She now works with her fellow entrepreneur husband on Fast Forward Ventures a company focussed on private financing and commercial real estate investing. Diana currently consults 1-on-1 with entrepreneurs on their business’ finances and is writing “the” book and course on entrepreneur finance “by an entrepreneur.”

“If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s always gonna be numbers, you’re gonna need to understand that. The cool thing it opens up is that once you know the numbers you can do things like sell companies, buy companies, things like that.”

Check out these episode highlights:

  • How she became a financial expert and what made a pivotal difference in her company finances and growth as an entrepreneur
  • How she came up with an idea with no prior knowledge and how it worked
  • Why your budget and constraint system should be the captain of the ship
  • Why her goal is always to be the least important person in her company

Diana’s Websites:
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Greg Crabtree had Simple Numbers. Profit First Book

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