How to survive business puberty with Eric Gilbert-Williams

Business Mentor & Advisor – Eric Gilbert-Williams

Eric Gilbert-Williams is a Canadian Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Inventor and Author in Progress. He grew his last venture to 60 people, several million in annual revenue and reached the #20 spot for the fastest-growing companies in Canada as per the Growth 500 list.

As a teenager, Eric struggled with drugs and gangs but found redemption through embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit with a laser-like intensity. He is now helping other Entrepreneurs with their businesses and is writing a book to help struggling teenagers and their families experience a similar type of redemption and success in life.

“Before you start to fix something, you need to understand what?s happening holistically.” – Eric Gilbert-Williams

Episode Highlights:

  • What is business puberty (and how to survive it)
  • Why each business growth spurt requires different mindset and skills
  • How to make people in your team accountable (and how to call them for their mistakes)
  • How to get unstuck (especially as the business owner)
  • Learn how manage risk and failure in business
  • The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner
  • Hiring process tips to hire the right type of people for you


The Standing Spot: Overcoming Teen Social Problems

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