How to start a digital business on Etsy with Julie Berninger and Cody Berman

Julie Berninger and Cody Berman are entrepreneurs from New England who founded Gold City Ventures which helps people start businesses selling printables and digital downloads on Etsy.

Julie is a mom to a toddler and former tech professional who worked at Apple and Amazon before taking entrepreneurship full-time. She earns over $1,000 per month in her Etsy Shop for printables, The Swag Elephant. She loves selling on Etsy because it gives her flexibility as a toddler Mom. She even took 6 months off Etsy to move cross-country last year (and still made over $10k)! Julie also has a lifestyle blog, Millennial Boss, and hosted a financial independence podcast, Fire Drill.

Cody is a digital nomad who quit his corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. He started selling digital products in 2018 and became hooked after earning $700+ in one week. Cody also hosts The Financial Independence (“Fi”) Show podcast. In his spare time you might find him traveling, working out, or building another business.

“Until you put products out there for people to buy, you’re not giving yourself a chance to really make money.” – Julie Berninger

“Momentum is the most important thing when it comes to starting a business.” – Cody Berman

Episode Highlights:

  • Two major shifts that happened during that pandemic in terms of buying and selling businesses
  • How to start your Etsy store
  • Marketing tactics for your Etsy store
  • How to do a keyword research for your Etsy store
  • How set yourself apart from your competition
  • How to generate leads using Etsy
  • Tips on creating trending products for your Etsy store
  • Some case studies from Julie and Cody’s students

Website and Resources:

Gold City Ventures
The Seasonal Products Secret (Free Ebook)
Be an affiliate under E-printables to get a free 20-page ebook on adding printables to your business!
The Swag Elephant
Millennial Boss
Fire Drill
Cody Berman
The Financial Independence (“Fi”) Show

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