How to scale your private practice with innovation with Joe Sanok

Counselor, speaker, and consultant – Joe Sanok

I’m excited to have my great friend, Entrepreneur and Counselor, Joe Sanok on the show! In this episode, Joe talks about how his business, Practice of the Practices teaches healthcare professionals, mostly counselors in private practice, chiropractors, massage therapists how to start, scale, and grow their private practices online and offline with really innovative ideas. (things you don’t learn in grad school!)

As a BONUS to Eventual Millionaire listeners, Joe’s giving away over 30 different tools for FREE Visit (You’ll find different checklists for different phases of practice and five different e-books)

A few Learning Objectives for this episode:

  • How he launched Practice of the Practice to blog about what he learned in business, marketing, and private practice.
  • The low-hanging fruit out there for anyone that’s at the start, grow, or scale phase.
  • How to prioritize and scale and market your business online and offline
  • Easy platforms to learn to be at the top 10 percent
  • The processes that can help you continue to scale so that you can leave for weeks on end and have your practice still make you money.

Joe’s Website:

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  • This was very interesting to listen too. You’re right though, a lot of private practices tend to rely on referrals and old clients. It’s hard to gain new clients from that now that everything is online. You’re right, simple SEO would boost their business. Very insightful

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