How To Run Your Business At An Optimal Level Without Burning Out With Stephen Cabral

Naturopathic, Ayurvedic & Functional Medicine Doctor- Stephen Cabral

Stephen CabralHow to set specific goals and “plan backwards” to overcome any limitations. The amazing “12 week system” for a successful year. Why Stephen thinks that SEO is dead. The dangers of working off anxious energy. Why there’s no such thing as night owls!

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4 responses

  • Dear Jaime
    Thanks for another very good interview. You ARE getting good at this!
    And some people say that in life there are no coincidences!!
    Haven’t you interviewed Bryan Moran?

    Listening to Stephen, I thought I was listening to myself – there were so many
    touch points. Journalling. Never been a journalist. Never trained. Never wanted to be one. You ask “how do we know what is our ‘calling’, what IT is we should be doing?” We often know what we DON’T want. So, with your (and other of your guests) suggestion, I buy a book, and (barely) start a journal. I don’t want to journal. I’m with Stephen right away – all the way – with that.
    Good for others. VERY good for others…. but I’m not ‘others’.

    Making (having) a plan. Not good there either. That for me IS the ‘hard part’. Also like Stephen, I believe in looking to where I want to go, and (generally) head in that direction. But I do think I need a plan – of some sort.
    There are 2 quotes that come to mind. One is from John Steinbeck in ‘Travels
    With Charly’ where he says, “the only decision you make in the day, is in the
    morning when you decide on which side of the road you are going to stand.”
    The other is by Mike Tyson, who said: “everyone has a plan, till they get
    punched in the face.” I think he means no-one has a ‘plan B’.

    How do you know what you should do. I believe EVERYONE gets ‘tapped on the
    shoulder’ repeatedly during their life. If they ignore the whisper, it grows
    louder and louder. “You have always been good at helping people…. remember
    that time….” “you’re always great at organising functions” …. etc
    “you were really athletic at school”….. “you always make an effort to keep
    fit ….” Hint, hint. People turn deaf.

    Like the story of the man when flood waters surround his house, and someone comes to tell him to evacuate. After the waters rise, a boat arrives to help him. He again refuses. He again says he is waiting on a message from god. Finally a helicopter comes to rescue him, and AGAIN he refuses. Then he prays to god, asking why he has not given him any message.

    So I read my 1st book on health when I was 18. A few years ago…. yeah right.
    I have followed nutrition, studied (some) naturopathy, then later homeopathy.
    Still reading, finding out about energy healing (in particular). Would I think
    that may be health healing wellness, would be something that interests me???
    Maybe something I should follow…… practise??

    It CAN take a few years tho.
    When I was in high school, I studied latin, and my father always tested me on
    spelling. I came top in my final year. I have always been interested in words
    and their meaning. My star sign is virgo – the messenger. Read voraciously. Are we getting the picture yet?! BUT it was ONLY very recently, that it occurred to me that I should do something with my interest, and knowledge of…… WERDS.
    As it says in that famous song…. “they’re only werds, but werds are all I
    have to get my point across”…. Or werds to that effect. Took a bit of licence there. So, no joak, it can take a few years ……. yeah right.
    But if we listen, we will hear. I have a cunning (6 month) plan. Well, idea.

    From your podcast Stephen has gained a follower. I am interested to look more
    into what he does with prognosticative testing. Surely, there is a better name
    than that. And I definitely DO have to get my sleep pattern in order.

    Still there was one thing you omitted: from where can I get a plan?

    Diurnally yours

  • I have to say Jamie, I am sure everyone says it.. but I am your biggest FAN. I only found you a few weeks ago and through your interviews I have learned so much. and Stephen was no exception.. Awesome interview… and tons of great business and health ideas that I will follow. I am so inspired by you and what you are doing for all of us Eventual Millionaires …. your work is as important to our community as Think and Grow Rich was back in the day…I know it is high praise but it really is. you are so genuine and real with your guest and it comes across the video very clear… You give us such a rare window into the lives of What we all aspire to be.. Thank you so much for what you do.

    Now.. Stephen really laid out something I never really took seriously regarding business and health going hand and hand.. A lot of people say a lot of things but you can only really learn from certain people… Or better stated.. We can’t learn everything from everyone.. Even though I have heard what he shared 100 times.. The light came on when he said it..!! His passion and “really wanting to help” factor really presented itself strong in the interview.. I am glad to be a part of your Audience … Look forward to next Video.. Brian Martin

  • Great tips! I’m a fitness professional so this episode was especially beneficial for me. I loved his philosophy and it was refreshing to hear the power of the small things he mentioned. I’ll also definitely check out this 12 week year. I really appreciate the work you do Jaime!


  • Another great interview. It’s clear to me that you love what you do, and will always have enough for tomorrow. Millionaire or not, that is true wealth right there. šŸ™‚

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