How to Reach the Top after a Failed Business (Without a ton of cash!) with Ian Ippolito

Founder and CEO of vWorker as well as Exhedra – Ian Ippolito

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Ian IppolitoIan had a few successes while he kept his day job, but the true success didn’t come til after one business failed. This interview is packed with nuggets on finding a need in business, marketing that need to the right people, and what makes the elite so successful.

I was excited to interview Ian because his company was something that I used in college to start my first business (that never went anywhere because I gave up!) It was amazing to hear the back story of how it became such a huge success. He also discusses how to find a new trend.

I highly recommend this interview! šŸ™‚

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Thanks so much for listening!


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11 responses

  • I’m getting an error when trying to play the large video, looks like it is set to private.

    • Can you check it again?
      I think my tech guy hadn’t gotten to that piece before, but it should be all set now!

  • Amazing interview…Thanks Jamie:)
    Lots of take home message. I loved the idea of being persistent even if it not fun at all. ‘Eat that frog’, since long I wanted to read that book, I should rather finish it fast and start eating my frogs:)

    • YES! Eat that frog is an awesome book that I love to, and I tend to forget to do every morning. But the mornings I remember, it makes for an amazing day!
      Go finish it right now!

  • Great interview. Are you still downloadable from itunes?

    • Yep, you should be able to! Let me know if you have an issue!

  • I did chuckle a bit when Ian was explaining his position on “risk” being that he considers himself a bit risky as long as there is not really any calculated risk. Love it!

  • I got so many gems of wisdom from this interview!

  • Hi Jaime,

    Awesome interview, I really enjoyed it!

    I have been following your site and podcast for a while and it is really inspiring what you are doing by reaching out to big name entrepreneurs. I haven’t officially started a show or podcast myself yet, but I just launched my site and kicked it off with my very first interview ever with Pat Flynn and have a few more coming soon.

    Keep up the good work šŸ™‚

    • Good luck on your podcast! Pat is an amazing first guest. šŸ™‚

  • Jaime, I loved the interview and was struck by what a great guy Ian is. There have been times when I’ve been convinced the only way to get ahead is to be ruthless and selfish, but listening to Ian reminds me that the good guys get there too.

    Thanks for doing these interviews, Jaime. I’ve listened to a few of them now and they’ve helped to clarify my thinking.

    I have to run now… I have a frog to eat!


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