How to Put Fear in Perspective

We are only here for 80 or so years if we are lucky. If fear is stopping you from accomplishing your goals, ?ask yourself, “How big is my fear?”

Sometimes when I am fearful or going through something that is tough, I like to put life in perspective.

I go outside at night and stare at the stars. It’s hard not to feel really small when you are thinking about how huge our universe is.

Watch this and think about your fear.

If you think about issues like money or even business they are dwarfed by the universe.

If you have ever felt humiliated from someone that seemed better than you, realize, that they are ridiculously small too. (Like an ant!)

Now I like to use the universe example to propel me forward. I don’t feel bad that I am small. What changes for me is that my problems are now small too.

Whether I feel like an idiot when I said something wrong in a meeting with very important people, doesn’t matter in the long run. A million dollars means nothing out there. (I’m going to be recording a TV segment tomorrow, and I if I screw it up I will be coming home and watching this video again!)

Everything we experience is temporary. So live your life the best you possibly can.

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7 responses

  • This really places things in perspective by placing the true value on our worries and anxieties.

  • I have a tendency to magnify the negative and minimize the positive; this keeps me in a perpetual state of worry, anxiousness, and fear. Holistically speaking, the potential span of my life, so much is inconsequential.

  • I just wanted to say I found the above really calming/inspiring – thankyou šŸ™‚

    Sent it to my lovely girlfriend Angie also, I think she would benefit from reading it.


    • So glad you liked it Colin. It helped me, I’m glad it helped you too. šŸ™‚ Hope Angie likes it!

  • I like this post. Fear is so paralyzing that it can keep you from acting on decisions that can actually improve your life.

    • Yeah, I agree. Not acting at all or not acting to the best of your abilities. I think we can still take action with massive amounts of fear, but we might not be at our best. We really have to put fear in perspective to take action and be great. šŸ™‚

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