How to “make them fight over it when you’re dead” with David Munson

CEO of Saddleback Leather Co. – David Munson

Why David chose to sleep on the floor with his dog and invest all the money back into his bags. The one thing that helps you grow your business is the same thing that people connect with the most. Why goals and vision are important even if you feel like you’re just guessing them. How to be authentic in an era where “authentic” is yet another buzzwords.

Check out SaddlebackLeather.comfor more info!

Watch their “How to Knock-off a Bag” video too!

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3 responses

  • I have to say this was my all time favorite interview! I love David’s passion and heart for life. It’s encouraging to see how his business has unfolded and his love of sharing and drive to make the world better, using his business while being himself and mainlining his integrity. Jaime has been an integral part of opening up my eyes to expanding the vision for my business in a way I never imagined. I also enjoyed seeing the manufacturing part. Was watching while sewing on my industrial machine!

  • I feel the world will fight over somthing very rare. But because we are in 2019 now it is impossible to happen in physical way. However I want to see them do it because I am a wwe fan. But it will then lock their brains with pressure of anger. Now imagine a peaceful worlds where people with this pressure is punching a bag of rice. So peace without war can?t happen. I have a long life to be just waiting. Now I predict that I smiling happy personality like myself doesn?t have to worry so who will take this burden. Well I then introduce a leader. Spokes person.
    In conclusion congratulations we are at the brink of not just war but a great peace which just has to be lived to keep. Just drink your coffee and no sugar or milk sorry. So a black cup of coffee starts my thinking and a black cup of coffee ends it. But now I have become a writer a journalist. Now that I have drunken the golden coffee you should not do it. Stick to a career and be happy. Smile and enjoy purely gridded coffee. When u smile people like me feel like we have reached our goal and done what it apsolutly nessasary to bring peace to the world. I am a fighter of bipolar and a smile is all I need.
    Be a good man thanks

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