How To Launch Your “Real Life” With Monty Campbell

Self-Made Multimillionaire, Philanthropist, Investor, Blogger, Founder of The Give Back Promise, World Traveler – Monty Campbell

Here’s what you’ll learn about How To Launch Your “Real Life”:

The one thing you need to do TODAY to set yourself up for your future millions.

The one simple question that will help you build wealth.

Two huge pivot points in Monty’s life that put him on the right track to success.

The litmus test you can use to determine which “gurus” to listen to — and which to ignore.

– Why you can’t get rich with a corporate salary.

Why you need to be “selfish” to get where you want to be. (And no, this doesn’t mean you have to become stingy.)

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Tune in and listen: How To Launch Your “Real Life” With Monty Campbell

Monty’s Website: – Learn How To Retire Early | The World’s Most Read Financial Freedom Blog

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5 responses

  • Great interview Jaime! It’s really good to hear from people who have made it and who will also share how they did it. This gentlemen’s honesty and transparency certainly are refreshing with all the big egos out there. More like this please.

  • Podcast Gold:
    “Don’t invest $50,000 [or $500,000] without investing $500 in your investment [business] education”

  • It’s content like this that keeps me coming back to this blog. A lot of useful information in this podcast.

  • Great answers to great questions Jamie. Appreciate your insights Monty. So true about having that WHY clear and run with it.

  • Wow! Many valuable lessons. I agree the why is very critical because if it is really strong it will help you to not to quit when things get really tough. The part on information before transformation it is a great way to put it. Also it is good to hear something more sincere and realistic, it takes time and discipline.Thank you Jaime and Monty for this interview!

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