How to Invest (and Blog!) for Millions with Timothy Sykes

American stock trader, entrepreneur, and penny stock expert – Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes

Warning: This interview has strong language. Tim’s passion shines through, with quite a few f-bombs. You were warned! šŸ™‚

Timothy made his first million as a teenager, investing in stocks. He started to be transparent and show his stock picks online, and ended up creating a hugely successful business off of his blog. We talk half about investing, and the best tips for that, and then switch to how he build his blog that earns millions. Plus learn tactics that work for him!

He also was JUST featured on CNNMoney because he made his 2nd millionaire. Check out the article on CNN here.

Here is the video he did with his second millionaire.

Check out for more info!

Thanks so much for listening!



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12 responses

  • It was a challenging interview for me to get through (because of the language,) but the content is great. Tim said, “…stop thinking you are irrelevant. Every single person is unique, every single person matters.” Great point for us all, now, we just have to believe it.

    • Great interview, always great content, jamie. The take aways I got were 1. we are all an expert at something. 2) record it and prove you are an expert. 3) share success stories and testimonials from those you have helped and served.

  • I just saw on your email with this post that you’re moving to Austin. Guess I missed that in some others. Bit of a change from Maine, that’s for sure. I live just a little over an hour north of there near Waco, moved down from Missouri a couple of years ago. It’s a little different, but you get used to it.

  • Lived in Austin for 10 years. Just went back for the first time in 3 years a few weeks ago, I’m trying to be positive and constructive here but the traffic has really turned in to a nightmare and was confirmed by my friends who still live there. You basically have to avoid I-35 during a 4 hour window in morning and afternoon. Ideally you live close enough to downtown to be able to bike or take a bus. Or live way away from the highway corridor.

    I think I failed at being positive. Used to love the town though.

    Oh now isn’t this apropos:

  • EXCELLENT advice. I also recommend people read “The Disciplined Trader” by Mark Douglas.

  • Wow! What a great interview and what a great interviewer you are, Jaime. I just happened to stumble on to your site from Jim Wang’s Microblogger blog. (I interviewed Jim for my blog a couple months ago, posted in text format, not anywhere near as good as your interviews).

    Your interviews are addictive. After I watched the one on Tim Sykes, I watched the one on Tim Ferriss. Another first-rate one!

    These are all a great help for me to go from millionaire to decamillionaire. Look forward to seeing more interviews.

    • Awesome to hear Fred! And if you are already a millionaire you should come on my show! šŸ™‚

  • I enjoyed the interview. Some great tips on blogging content and the importance of proving your expertise based on content and the before/after model.

    BTW, I counted 18 F-bombs or one every two minutes. LOL!

  • I absolutely loved this interview, it had really great content and was inspirational for me. Especially when he said that we all are unique and we all have a talent and some people don’t even look at themselves in that matter. He seems like a cool dude to hang out with, most importantly he was himself and not fake or phony.

  • This podcast was really a true inspiration for me! Keep up the good work!

  • From the transcript: Jaime: I?m definitely going to link to Upsellonomics and also the crazy video that I can?t wait to see so we can laugh about how awesome and horrible it is at the same time.

    Where can I find the link to Upsellonomics? Like also a godaddy domain..

    • Hi Marijn,

      The links Tim Sykes mentioned in the video are all projects he stated he was going to develop. The websites aren’t live as of yet. They are most likely still in the development process.

      Let me know if I can assist you further.

      Angela, Jaime’s assistant

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