How to Have An Exceptional Life With Briana Borten

Co-author of The Well Life, Certified Ayurvedic Specialist, Peace Engineer and CEO of The Dragontree – Briana Borten

Why it’s not enough to achieve goals or focus on body and mind if you want a remarkable life. (You need this other thing too!) If you’re an entrepreneur and relying on structure you might be setting yourself up for failure unless you amend your structure with this tiny “fix”. What does space has to do with your exceptional life? (Discover why Briana swears by it!) This one simple thing you need to do to become instantly more creative. (It is so counterintuitive that most people never even consider it.)

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2 responses

  • Hey!

    I enjoyed this interview. Thanks, girls!

    So I am 37…and after years of being sad and mad about everything, going back to school, getting two degrees, increasing my income in the corporate setting, I’m still feeling out of sorts.

    I would like to be an entrepreneur and have been since I was about 16….lots of bumps and bruises and a disconnection from myself…and now I am here. I make ok money but I’m bored at work and feel like I am pretending most of the time just to not be broke and on the street with 5 kids.

    So, this interview highlighted my issue today….I don’t know what I enjoy. I don’t know what I am good at. I’m a little empty right now. Gonna try meditating, although everything in me is resistant even as I type this. I don’t feel like sitting still…although all of this “movement” I am doing is draining me and kinda leading no where.
    I’m gonna try it…will let you know what happens.

  • did i miss it… thought she was going to share her meditation

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