How to grow a new company with Solid Marketing and Automation with Enrico Palmerino

CEO at botkeeper – Enrico Palmerino

Enrico Palmerino is an entrepreneur, consultant and investor. He is the CEO of Botkeeper, the fastest growing accounting firm in the Northeast thanks to its revolutionary automated accounting software. When he was in college, he co-founded ThinkLite which automated lighting analysis, design, and manufacturing. After successfully exiting ThinkLite, he invested in a small accounting firm, joining as the company’s Managing Director, and helped grow it from 7 to 40 people in the 3 years. Outside of botkeeper, he advise, consult and invest in several startups.

What you will learn from Enrico Palmerino:

  • Is BotKeeper as good as human accountant?
  • How you can automate a personal conversation that engages people (It worked on me!)
  • How to start your beta and work on your beta test
  • How to figure out the best pricing strategy
  • How to figure out your strengths and position in the company

Enrico’s Website:

Here are the samples of what Enrico sent us for his email marketing sequence:

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