How To Get Six Figures of Free Press with Josh Elledge

Founder and Chief Executive Angel of – Josh Elledge

josh elledge 204Josh has a cool site all about saving money – we discuss saving – but also how important MAKING MORE is! Josh goes into detail on how he landed a ton of amazing press spots – and how he was able to turn them into new site visitors and eventually paying customers.

How to Get Millions In Free Media

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5 responses

  • Jaime – awesome interview with Josh. I love his enthusiasm for what he’s doing and his comfortable integration of faith and reason. Thanks for continuing to bring us great content.

    • I am always so honored when I hear you listen to my podcast! And comment! You are an amazing man Dan Miller. Thank you for making my day! šŸ™‚

  • He has an amazing personality, I coulda listened to him for hours. Great interview!

  • Dan Miller is such a classy gent. Thanks for the kind words, Dan! Jaime operates such a great show and I could have chatted with her for hours on end!

  • It’s 1:30 AM here in El Paso, TX. And I am jamming away at my work/projects online on one PC, while I am listening to your podcast/video on another computer next to me. Working while learning. Wow…am tired and ready to hit the sac.

    But anyway, this interview with Josh, wow…it was interesting to listen to. Let us see what he has to offer. As always, love your content. Just wondering why it is that you stopped using YouTube to help you put your videos up. I am sure that you had your reasons. Oh well. Have a great night Jaime.

    -Mr. Avelardo Lopez / aka: Mr. Suave

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