How to Get More Leads in Your Business with Ray Higdon

Online MLM leader and homebased business entrepreneur – Ray Higdon

Ray HigdonRay is a top network marketer, and helps others recruit and gain leads in whatever MLM company they are in. I ask him why network marketing? Why not just start your own thing?

He has great answers, and also has some amazing advice on how to get more leads in whatever business you are in.

Plus learn how his girlfriend at the time went from zero to $10k a month! And his story from being broke to successful. It’s mostly mindset! And Ray gives some great ACTIONABLE advice for improving it.

Check out for more info!

Thanks so much for listening!


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4 responses

  • Very nice Jamie. I just seen your email with Ray Higdon attached to it. I had to do a double take and behold it’s Ray! Thanks for putting him on. I’m about to watch the interview and I know he’ll provide lots of nuggets like he usually does.

  • Awesome session, I love you both! My favorite tidbit was the addendum to the adage “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink” countered with “well you can if you salt their food!” Hilarious and insightful (Ray’s normal personality). So glad to hear clear guidance on getting someone to say “no” without a hard pitch. Remembering that you are talking to another human being is paramount to remaining one yourself šŸ™‚

  • Jaime, that was a really great interview. I’ve followed Ray Higdon a little here and a little there, but this interview really helped me hear his heart. I also want to compliment you on treating Network Marketing with the same respect you would any other successful entrepreneurial endeavor. I’m a wellness entrepreneur (Holistic Health Coach & Network Marketer) and I study all kinds of successful people from all the different types of business. Your info helps so much with that learning. I really love how transparent and relaxed your interviewees are when interviewing with you (I’ve seen them in other interviews and there’s a qualitative difference). Anyway, thanks for what you do. BTW my wife is from Camden, Maine.

  • I am new to my MLM and I have a team that has grown pretty fast. I am always looking for inspiration and help. This video was amazing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am sharing it with my team and I hope that they listen to it and it touches them in the way it has me.

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