How To Get A Standing Ovation Every Time With Michael Port

Author, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur – Michael Port

Michael_Port_204All communication is public speaking! That’s why it’s important for entrepreneurs to be extremely good verbal communicators. Listen in to hear the Seven Steps rehearsal process to prepare a speech.

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One response

  • Michael and Jaime,

    This was an incredible conversation.

    Michael, I’m giving my first major keynote talk in front of 200 fortune 500 companies next week on Oct 1st in Dallas. I’m 24 and have been pouring over different tips from comics and speakers this week, but this conversation has been the most helpful by far.

    I’m still terrified, but doing this talk is that thing that scares me most… so that’s what I’m going to do :).

    (thanks for making this happen Jaime!)


    P.S Will be pre-ordering Steal the Show as well. Bummed I can’t read it before my talk, but still excited to read it none the less.

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