How to Get 20,000 downloads in 10 Days with Your Podcast with Billy Murphy

Owner of Bluefire Poker – Billy Murphy

Billy MurphyPodcasting is on a rising trend! I get asked constantly how to have a top podcast. Well today we bring millionaire Billy Murphy back on the show to dive deep into his recent podcast launch. Do you want to know what is working right now in podcasting? Listen in! You’ll also learn a crazy tactic that Billy tried, and things he WISHED he had a chance to do before the launch. We go into depth and hold nothing back!

Check out this link to find out more about the contest:

Go to for more info!

Thanks so much for listening!



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6 responses

  • Hi Jaime and Billy,

    That was a great interview. I was also stunned that iTunes approvals can take 1-2 weeks. I’m about to launch my podcast this week, and I’ve got my first 4 shows queued up,
    so can relate with Billy’s dismay at having to wait so long. Anyway we will see, but the emails are all set to go šŸ˜‰

    I’m going to implement your tips (and I’ve also submitted to Stitcher too, thanks Jaime)

    Many thanks from Down Under.

    — from the soon to launch Web Marketing That Works podcast šŸ˜‰

  • Hi again,

    Just an update: I was pleasantly surprised that iTunes actually just approved my podcast in less than 24 hours, so Billy’s launch strategy is happening right now!

    Anyone who’s interested can check out the show.


  • Hello again Jamie,

    Wow, this interview was awesome!!!

    For others, this is a must see. Very super helpful. This interview can really help people better understand how and what a pod cast can really be or how it can work for you.

    I am so glad that you got the chance to interview Billy. Again this was awesome!!

    Mr. Suave

  • Great interview as always, Jaime.
    Are you on itunes? I just don’t get auto downloads anymore.
    So, I searched your site and can’t find the link.

    I’m your fan.

  • By the way, media download stats aren’t flawed. If you use the stats from Blubrry or LibSyn, you can see your audience size because the algorithms remove duplicate downloads.

    So if you receive 1,000 downloads as shown by LibSyn or Blubrry, that could not be 100 people downloading the same episode 10 times. It’s 1,000 different people/devices.

    But if you look at “daily” or “monthly” downloads, those are inaccurate and tell you nothing about your audience size. Because your daily downloads could include one person downloading old content.

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