How To Deal With Entrepreneurial Anxiety With Darryl Lyons

CEO and co-founder of the PAX Financial Group – Darryl Lyons

Darryl Lyons 204Why do some biz owners live in perpetual fear and anxiety – yet others glide through the entrepreneurial landscape without unraveling under stress? Great businesses aren’t just built off the bottom line – they also take a rock solid mindset. Tune it to discover how to ditch fear and anxiety once and for all so you can move forward with an unbeatable edge.

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4 responses

  • Hello Jamie,

    This was a powerful interview with Darryl Lyons — I believe that I was directed here because my focus is on parenting and understanding entrepreneur — and it was very interesting to here how he handled family life, especially training his children.

    Jamie, all the best with your family as well — It’s great that you are keeping them grounded.

    My personality is such that I never saw money as very important, now I do. So as someone who is in the ending stage of children — I would like to help parents understand themselves and their kids using personality profiles and also help them to see the importance of money and the entrepreneur mindset.

    Thank you very much for the work you do,

    Ida Regena Butler

  • What a great interview! I especially loved the parenting discussion. So important!

  • That was amazing.. you can be able to help your children the value of money at early age and eventually by sharing for those in need.

  • Great interview. It’s so nice to discuss many of the spirtual and emotional elements of our common journey towards financial independence and the freedom associated with it.

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