How to Create Your “Do Over” After a Failure with Matt Theriault

Real estate investor, entrepreneur and coach – Matt Theriault

Matt TheriaultMatt had success early in life.. until it failed. He then had to recreate himself and start over. He dove into real estate and worked hard to achieve success again. He then wrote a book called Your Do Over – and explains the principles he learned climbing back to success.

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2 responses

  • Thank you for another authentic EM episode, Jaime, I was able to see how scared I am as I listened to Matt. Matt’s vulnerability showed me timelessness. Time seems long and I am scared to suffer (more than I am now) while I transition from 9-5 into my vision. Meanwhile, the reality (from most of these millionaires’ perspective) is that time goes by and it is inexistence.
    Jaime, Matt’s “Action Item” was to mimic someone that has succeed in what we want to do – Can and would you like to interview Jacqueline Novogratz (CEO of Acumen Fund) or Scott Harrison (CEO of Charity Water)?
    Again thanks for your generosity and what you do.

  • Now that’s how you pick yourself up, dust off the ashes and fly again. Well done, Matt. I tip my hat to you – and to you as well, Jaime, for another great interview.

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