How to Create As Seen on TV Products with Bill McAlister

President at Top Dog Direct – Bill McAlister

bill-mcalisterBill is a heavy hitter for As Seen On TV Products (he was asked to be on Shark Tank!) and he goes through step by step what makes a good product. AND he offers a chance to pitch him! Don’t miss this one!

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Thanks so much for listening!


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Hi I’m Jaime. Each and every week I bring you the top business advice from the people who know best.

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  • Excellent show, excellent information. Watched every minute and loved it.

    Thanks for all the info, Bill, and thanks for bringing us the program Jaime!


  • Random thought; I’ve been following you for a while now, i even participated in the free week of coaching in 2009ish? Well around there but ive always wondered how far are you from the “eventual millionaire” goal to become a millionaire. I think it would be awesome if somewhere on the header of the site or anywhere you would have some sort of progress bar similar to those used when a site is “under construction” that could measure in percentage or actual dollars. It would even be cooler if it had some history to were it might of went down because XYZ reason, the more detailed the number the more cool aspects you can talk about in your personal journey. It don’t mean disclose your income on a Pat Flynn way because is not always a $$$ number that defines a “millionaire” but what they’ve learned or achieved to get there. Example: You could have more than one progress bar, one for money, one for knowledge, one for freedom, etc. I feel like the fact that we don’t know how the creator of such journey is doing themselves is a void on the “Eventual millionaire” brand. Never the less, it’s not a make it or break it thing, regardless i will always enjoy your content!

    Jimmy Fuentes
    23 (been following since 18 or 19)

  • Or maybe even add a place were people can add their current journeys and progress bars, i know i wouldn’t mind putting my journey and progress.

    • Those are some GREAT suggestions/ thoughts!

  • Bill you are amazing! Only in America!

  • Love your podcast. I was wondering, has anyone had luck finding the product submission portion of Thank you for your great work Jaime.

    • HI Jared,

      Thanks for writing in to request the link. I’ve been in contact with Erica over at, she’s the Director of New Products. She’d like to receive product submissions via email, Her email is also located on the contact page of their site,

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