How to Create a Service Business to Create Profits Quickly with Troy Broussard

SEO Expert, Information and Affiliate Marketer, Speaker, Online Entrepreneur, Avid Writer, and Owner of – Troy Broussard

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Troy BroussardTroy talks about really finding your strengths, when you start your business or if you are experiencing a slow down. Then Troy gives step by step information on how to create a service business. What to do first, what to charge and how to develop that confidence to charge what you are worth.

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17 responses

  • video is saying youtube API error…just thought you’d like to know…gonna listen to the podcast, which I’m sure will be fine…thanks for posting all of this great content…what a gold mine!

  • Hey,

    i have to leave a reply šŸ™‚
    i appreciate your content very much and iam looking forward to watch further amazing interviews šŸ˜€

    thx for your effort and go on!
    best regards

  • I loved the interview. Troy had an awesome story and life experiences to tell which was both inspirational and practical advise. I can see why after listening to this interview he can effectively coach people and bring them up to the next level in their business.

    I can honestly say it was one of the most awesome interviews, mentally stimulating, valuable and applicable for anyone who’s compass is pointing to success and creating value to the community thru their business.

    Once again and as usual, Jamie, Thanks for bringing this to us. And Thank you too Troy.

    • So glad you enjoyed it Mike! Love hearing that as feedback šŸ™‚ I’m sure Troy enjoys it too!

  • What happened to the transcripts? I don’t have time to watch all the videos but I love being able to skim the transcripts.

    • Hi Lee! My wonderful transcriptionist had surgery and it looks like she won’t be able to do it anymore. On the lookout for another one ASAP though! šŸ™‚

  • Hey Jamie,

    I just want to e-mail you on great show and its very informative. Also, I remember I spoke to you about interning with you but you had timidness about the whole thing because of potential legal ramifications and all. Anyway, I wanted to know have you resolved that particular issue?

    • I talked with a few people about interning- but ended up just hiring an assistant instead! Sorry Tim! If I open if up again though you will be the first to know! šŸ™‚

  • Great interview! Thanks for your time in doing this, Troy. I especially enjoyed what you said about doing the thing we fear most… I’m going through that right now with our fees.

  • Hi Jaime,

    This couldn’t come at a better time! I’m in the process of figuring out my strengths and passions and Troy’s insights are priceless!

    I’ll be looking to see what I’m good at that has value as a business service, find the things I’m scared of and do them and see where all these leaves in my office are coming from and going to-LOL!

    If that’s not enough, I’m in the process of completely revamping my site to focus best on my ability to help others achieve the success they’ve been looking for.

    First time listener but I’m subscribed and I’ll be back!


    • Awesome to hear Jeff! I love it when things line up like that. Sounds like you are a busy man! Good luck with all of it šŸ™‚
      (and thanks for becoming a subscriber!!)

      • Thank you, Jaime!

        Oh, by the way, I just noticed that your blog has been around way before your podcasts and videos.

        Great! Now I have even more content to consume in my quest-LOL!

        Seriously, one of the things I’m seeing already that I like is your preference for shorter rather than longer posts. That should help me get caught up quickly.


  • Hi Jamie,

    This was a fantastic interview! Troy gave advice that had real and practical application that I can apply to my business today. Though I haven’t begun earning hundreds of dollars yet, I’m confident if I take ACTION regarding the information he’s given, it will propell my business forward.

    Thank you for another great interview, Jamie!


  • Hi Jamie,

    As always, you knocked it out of the park with this one. I have a small healthcare services business which has been growing steadily at 50% per year but I want to take it to the next level. This podcast provided real value and much needed kicks in a$$.

    I would like to connect with Troy if possible as I am frequently in Orlando on business. I looked for him online but cannot find him. Let me know if you can make an introduction. By the way, when are you going to offer a premium account to exclusive content because I want to be your first customer. (No bs, where is the credit card form…)

    Thanks again for bringing expert insight to the ear buds of listeners everywhere.


  • This was a fantastic interview. It gave me quite a bit to think about, as well as some advice I can apply to my business right now. I took lots of notes. When Troy started talking about finding the thing you fear most, I immediately thought about a certain important writing project I’ve been putting off for months. Uh oh.

    I just found this site, great stuff. I’ll definitely be back. šŸ™‚

    I’m off to go work on my Big Scary Project now.


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