How To Buy Businesses With Nunzio Presta

Founder and CEO at BizON – Nunzio Presta

Here’s what you’ll learn from Nunzio about How To Buy Businesses:

– Starting a business from scratch is cheaper, right? Wrong!
– Discover the hidden costs of startups and why buying an existing business can be a better bargain.
– Three pillars of buying businesses that make you money.
– How to buy businesses when you DON’T have experience.
– “Secret” traits of a startup entrepreneur and an acquisition entrepreneur. Which one are you?

Tune in and listen: How To Buy Businesses With Nunzio Presta

Nunzio’s Website: – We Bring Business & Franchise Buyers and Sellers Together Every Day.

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  • Well is every type of business good as like do joint venture and the partnerships work for sure in countries and outside as well.

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