How To Build Your Empire With Stacy Tuschl

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist and the creator of She’s Building Her Empire – Stacy Tuschl

Here’s what you’ll learn about How To Build Your Empire:

– How to use the “Parking Lot” system to know WHEN you need to hire.

– How to find and hire a great high-level manager to free yourself from all that stuff you hate.

– A “homework assignment” that weeds out applicants who aren’t a good fit.

– The one time you should NEVER hire someone.

– How to negotiate a win-win salary. (And the one thing you need to be very careful about.)

– The best way to onboard your new team members, and how to train them so they meet your expectations? without having to read your mind.

Stacy’s Website: – Spark Your Creativity, Ignite Your Passion & Build Your Empire.

Evaluation For Customer Service Position PDF

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