How to build successful daily habits with Brad Weimert

The Habits and Mindsets of Extraordinary Achievement with Brad Weimert

Entrepreneur, adventurer, relationship builder

Quotes from Brad Weimert:

*”What climbing the TWICE the height of Everest in 36 hours taught me about business, life and greatness.”
*”Unique experiences teach you a ton and open up relationships in a way that nothing else does.”
“The trick is ‘don’t stop’. If you slow down and keep going, you maintain movement.”


Brad Weimert is an adventurer, athlete, philanthropist, business consultant, and serial entrepreneur. He founded Easy Pay Direct in 2009, an online payment gateway servicing e-commerce businesses selling between $1 million and $100 million online. The platform serves more than 60,000 merchants.

Brad focuses on purposefully creating extraordinary experiences in order learn and grow both himself and the relationships around him.

Brad enjoys breaking past his limits through intense physical adventures, cultivating meaningful relationships with like-minded passionate people, helping non-profits like Explore Austin, rock-climbing, and exploring Austin with his dog, The Professor.

What you will learn from Brad Weimert:

– A critical mindset shifts that lead to extraordinary achievement.
– How doing ONE thing can be everything! …and how that one thing can change everything!
– What reassessing and reflection have to do with getting faster at making decisions.
– Why a simple thing like not stopping can be so powerful – and a key to success.
– A powerful re-alignment technique for goal setting and a major achievement.
– The importance of tracking your most meaningful moments plus FREE SCRIPTS to log your moments.

Brad’s Website:

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3 responses

  • I’d love to have that tool he’s talking about for keeping track of moments!

  • Hey, Brad & Jaime!

    This was exactly what I needed right now. Just downloaded the magic moments. Loved what you said about keeping momentum. I’m definitely the kind of person who would rather keep going till the finish line than pause for a break, but I haven’t done that as much in work/business as I’d like to. Now I’ll make it a point to think that way!


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