How to Build a Startup The Right Way – With Balance!

Adventurer in Residence at Under30Experiences and Co-founder at Under30CEO – Matt Wilson


Matt WilsonMatt Wilson from Under30CEO joins me to talk about building both of his companies, how he got it wrong at first and sacrificed his health and life before realizing the cost. Now he helps entrepreneurs lead a more balanced life – and he’s practicing what he preaches by having fun and building his new startup!

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5 responses

  • Jaime,
    I love what you wrote today.
    Your gift is making room for you.
    And helping others see a better future.
    Be Blessed!

  • Great interview, Jaime. We always have to know why we are in business and how to stay enthusiastic about what we do for our clients/customers.

  • Great interview Jamie. I’ve been a long time reader of Under30CEO and the growth in the business and in Matt has been awesome to see.

    Travel is super important and I can’t wait to go on one of these experiences šŸ™‚

  • Love it!

  • Great interview Jaime!

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