How To Become Twice As Productive with Rob Rawson

CEO and co-founder of and Time Doctor – Rob Rawson

Rob RawsonRob is the CEO of and founder of His tips have saved me at least 3 hours every week already! (since we recorded the interview) Don’t miss out on tactics that can change your work week!

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Go to for more info!

Thanks so much for listening!



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5 responses

  • Hi Jaime and Rob
    Great interview once again! Interesting about hours worked and the focus on productivity – something we can all adopt in every facet of work. Which reminds me of an article by a Ph D here in Melbourne Australia by Dr Inger Mewburn who has her own website = – she has written an article called = Working until it’s right – In it she says that we are often doing the things we LOVE (in my instance working as a coach/mentor for disabled college students) but we are sucked in by others in doing productive work which is unpaid – I mean you don’t tell a student that his/her session is over when they are in dire need- This is the problem- We love what we do but existing on a meagre hourly rate is not really genuine recompense or as Bob Burg would say : VALUE to others.
    Well done
    Love from Down Under

  • I enjoyed this interview. “Actively Procrastinate” is my new catch-phrase of the day. Now I want to go back and re-watch the Tim Ferris interview.

  • This sounds like a great resource. The interview was great. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  • Jamie…

    I listened to this podcast episode tonight (and really enjoyed it). Since you loved the Gmail archive tip, I thought I would share this one with you that I ran across (and you might want to pass it along to Rob since he uses the Gmail web interface and specifically mentioned this issue).

    I got tired of getting distracted by new emails when I opened Gmail to send an email or to get info from an archived email.

    So, after much searching, I ran across the solution on this blog:

    It involves adding a Chrome plugin that allows you to apply custom CSS to your browser. The nice thing is he includes the CSS to copy/paste into the plugin and it works flawlessly. It puts an icon in your Chrome awesome bar and when you are ready to process your new mail you click to disable it. Ready to do focused work using Gmail (and not see new emails), enable the plugin and they are all hidden.

    It has saved me tons of time in distractions.

    Hope you & Rob find it useful! Thanks for the quality content you provide!

    An Eventual Millionaire,

  • Speaking about productivity and email (that usaully are not a godd fit each other) I found this extremely simple trick to be really helpful when you have to write a mail without checking your inbox.
    Just point your browser to mailto: and this will open your default mail client ready with a compose windows without any distractions from your inbox.
    Great interview as usual Jaime, thanks!

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