How to Become Replaceable in Your Business Noah Rosenfarb

Solving complex problems involving family, business and money – Noah Rosenfarb

Noah RosenfarbNoah helps businesses streamline and outsource so the business owner can step away from the business and the business continues to run. Noah is an expert at Exit Planning too, so if you want to be able to sell your business down the road (even if it’s way down the road) you need to know this now! He also gives the 10 steps you need to be a millionaire!

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Check out Noah’s Podcast: Divestopedia Exit Strategy Podcast

Check out his book: Exit: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – A Step-By-Step Guide to Conquering Business, Personal, Family and Financial Issues

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2 responses

  • “You don?t necessarily have to equate your passions or your hobbies with how you?re going to make money. It?s what you like doing ? so I love building businesses, I love interacting with people and adding value to their lives.”

    I had that realization this past summer. My hobbies are bodybuilding, guitar, singing and boxing. But I wasn’t feeling it concerning starting something around those.

    So what did I want to do? What was that deep thing inside of me?

    My thing is proving that the impossible can be done. I used to be the fat kid of the class and now I’m a natural physique bodybuilder. I used to have massive social anxiety and a stutter. Now I make YouTube videos and love doing speeches.

    That’s what I want to show. Anything can be done when your mind is set to accomplish it.

  • Super interview! I just caught this interview after listening to David Allen’s podcast in Aug2013, and your very recent one with Michael Hyatt. I blended the highlights of all 3 Millionaires into Evernote.

    Wow, its short simple yet extremely powerful!!!

    I liked Noah?s description of blending intuition with intention, and building structure to systematize processes

    Thank you Jaime, with the addition of Noah’s 10 Steps to Become a Millionaire, I have a complete package and framework for personal behavior & decision modifications for 2014.

    1. Prosperity Mindset: Critical to believe you can make a million +
    2. Passion: Do what you love
    3. Expert: Become one in your area; maximize your KSA (knowledge, skills, and abilities)
    4. Customers First: Mindset in business should be customer driven
    5. Work Smarter & Harder: Productivity = wisdom x action. Apply more wisdom and- or action
    6. Be Responsive: Responsive people find their way to success. Manage the calendar, schedule email and use of pop-ups and notifications; create email auto responder -signature to let people know ‘your status”
    7. Make & Have a Plan: Review, revise, and retool, as needed
    8. Invest Intentionally: Make wise investments; Accumulate wealth by conserving earnings. Keep astutely aware of your financials by controlling spending. Gear towards having 12 months of savings to relieve stress and aid in situational ethics
    9. Maximize Productivity: High effective productivity increases ability to maintain a Prosperity Mindset. By maximizing what you do best you will create the cycle of results to move wealth back to you.
    10. Surround Yourself with Like Minded Achievers: Honest feedback, counsel & support (e.g. Jim Rohn?s quote ?you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with”)

    “My Next Action is Scheduled” ~ David Allen

    “Acknowledge & unpack the past. Complete it.It?s over? ~ Michael Hyatt

    It’s written! ~ All Together Now

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