How to be a leader that inspires your team with Dudley Slater

Co-founder and CEO of Integra Telecom – Dudley Slater

Dudley Slater is an entrepreneur and author and learned firsthand how to inspire and lead people. As the co-founder and fifteen-year CEO of Integra Telecom, he grew the company from nine to over two thousand employees, transitioning it from a start-up to national prominence as one of the ten largest fiber-based telecommunications companies in the United States. He recently came out with a new book, Fusion Leadership!

A few of the things you’ll learn from Dudley:

  • How to fuse together teams to build an amazing organization
  • What are the behaviors that drive people away
  • What are the steps to make sure you get employee buy-in
  • How does a leader orchestrate everything without being pulled in every direction

Dudley’s Website:

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