How this new business went from 0 – $40,000 a month recurring (by saying no to a lot of potential customers!) with Hugh Culver

CEO at BlogWorks – Hugh Culver

I’m glad to have my amazing friend, Hugh Culver, back on the show. Hugh co-founded the world’s most exclusive tour company and only private flights to the South Pole. He has run five businesses, including eco-tourism, construction, training and development, and whitewater rafting.

He is also an amazing keynote speaker and trainer which teaches entrepreneurs and business owners on how to think better, plan smarter, and act on what really matters. He has over 1,000 speeches (and counting) to big companies and brands. He is also a bestselling author of Give Me A Break: The Art Of Making Time Work For You. Currently, he established his new business,

Hugh wants to give away a free website audit – so he asked people to comment – and around [June 10th – June 14th] we will go on and randomly select a person to win.

Episode Highlights:

  • How he visualized and built his new business,
  • How to productize your business (So you aren’t reinventing the wheel every time)
  • Tips and tricks in republishing old contents in your website
  • How to maintain a big team with low cost
  • Tools to use to systemize and productize your business

Give Me A Break: The Art Of Making Time Work For You

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8 responses

  • Great interview. I appreciate Hugh insights on simplifying and systemizing what he offers. It’s always tough to turn business away, but understanding the long-term vision of what you are building and sticking to your guns is vital.

    • Thanks Manny. I don’t want to come across like I’ve figured it all out(!) But I am a huge fan of systems and habits – if fact I think if all you do is improve systems and learn how to manage resisting temptation (better habits) you will always be improving.

  • Great podcast episode. For me the goal I have with my blog is to provide people with really useful content that will get them interested in what I do so that when I launch my courses they are engaged and ready to jump in. My blog is relatively new and I only have a small audience at this stage so understanding how to get eyes on the content would be really useful!

    • Hi Kellie. You are on the right path. Keep thinking about getting people off S/M and onto your “home base” – everything else is rented land.
      To build your blog traffic you need (in this order): original ideas, promoting your blog, good keywords (what people are searching for) and consistency.
      The good news is that organic traffic (people searching) can grow your traffic quickly and once you establish your following you can slow down the production.

    • Hi Kellie (again) I’d like to offer you a free assessment of your blog at

      Would that be useful for you?

  • Jaime that was so much fun! You always bring out the best in me. Since this interview I have had lots of wonderful people reach out to me for blogging advice.
    And I’m happy to share!
    Even better, leave a comment here and we will pick one person to get a free blog audit (painless). I will help you understand what to look for and what you do now to grow a stronger audience that wants to follow you and buy from you.

    Leave your comment here today!

  • Great interview, Hugh: thank you very much! I totally agree semplyfing the way we work. If we spend more time understanding how a tool works, when should we make business? Processes and tools can speed up the work a lot, in case of big numbers. If things are easy, it is better to think easy. It is also inspiring your approach based on quality and business model that can fit your partners. That’s the basis of entrepreneurship. Thanks also for sharing the incertanty of your business: that makes you and your story real.

    • Thanks Cristiano
      I’m so glad you got lots from the interview and that you thought I was being real! The tools can help us to save time. They can also be a crutch. Wasting time learning how to use a tool that makes you 10% more efficient is not as good as writing a really good blog post that gets better results and makes you a better writer.

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