How One Coaching Call Led To His First 6-Figure Month

Founder of Investing Architect – Erion Shehaj

Why after his best year ever, Erion decides to join the mastermind anyway. Things he was struggling with before he joined the program. (And how he managed to put all that under control.) The TWO pivotal moments that changed Erion’s trajectory and made him double the revenue. (And why he couldn’t have done it on his own.)

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Do you have CLARITY and FOCUS in your business?

Have you really thought about the key metrics that will move your business forward?

Erion Shehaj, founder of Investing Architect , catapulted his business to new heights with the help of Millionaire Masters.

In this case study you will discover what his business struggles were before joining the group, his pivotal moment that changed everything, and his revenue numbers (which he was gracious enough to share).

Recognizing that something is holding you back from taking the next step in your business is half the battle. We asked Erion a series of questions to really dig down deep to see how being a part of the Millionaire Masters Mastermind group changed his business.

So Erion, what was your main goal at the beginning of the program?

My main goal at the beginning of the program was CLARITY and FOCUS – We were coming off our highest revenue year to date but I had much bigger goals and no clear path to attaining them. Despite the successful year, I felt that things were happening by chance instead of on purpose. So I wanted to get clear on the levers that moved the needle in my business.

As a business owner, I am sure you know, having things happen by chance can be good, but you don’t want to base your success on chance. You NEED to have a clear path on where your business is going and how you are going to get there.

What were you struggling with when you signed up for the program?

In the past, through mentors I’ve discovered that a simple but profound shift in mindset can open the door to a higher level performance and results. I was looking for the next profound shift to level up our business.

I say this again and again, mindset is SOOO important. It can really be the one thing holding you back from moving your business to the next level. Having like-minded individuals to keep you accountable for changing your mindset is a huge part of Millionaire Masters.Not only am I here to support you through your business journey, so is everyone else in the group.

What was the main reason you signed up for the Mastermind?

The main reason I signed up with Jaime’s program is Jaime. The first time we spoke, it was as if we’d been working together for years. I got the sense that her methodology was based on proven, timeless fundamentals instead of some “secret system”.

Let’s be real here, there are no “secret systems.” If you want to change your business, you have to put in the work. We only work with cold, hard data here-what you measure you move.

So speaking of data, let’s get down to brass tacks here and talk cold, hard numbers.

What was your average monthly revenue before starting Millionaire Masters?

About $27,500 per month

What are you on track to do by end of 2016?

We are on track to DOUBLE our revenue from last year which will be approximately $660,000/year or $55,00/month.

I LOVE seeing numbers like this! But again, this takes work. One of the first things I do with new members is outline their goal for the year. Then we break it down by quarter, which we outline in detail on our one-on-one quarterly coaching calls. These quarterly goals are addressed at every hot seat call, which occurs about every 6 weeks. Plus there is weekly accountability check ins. I ask you to set action items that will directly contribute to your quarterly and overall goal, and if your action items don’t move you towards your goal, I will let you know! These calls and accountability check-ins will provide you with the tools you need to excel.

What were the BIGGEST pivotal moments that changed your trajectory? Why didn’t you do it yourself beforehand?

I remember the first pivotal moment vividly. It was during my first one-on-one coaching call with Jaime. She asked me a series of questions about my business and at the very end pointed out the two most important metrics I needed to focus my attention on to get results. It was so liberating and so clear. Instead of worrying about a hundred things, all I had to do was focus exclusively on these two metrics. That’s what I did and the results were spectacular. We had our first six figure month on the back of that effort.

The second was during our mastermind retreat in Austin. It was three days of implementation and execution in the company of amazing peers. My conversations with Jaime and other mastermind members opened my eyes to another level of operation. We worked on the business instead of in it and there were several breakthroughs as a result of that experience.

The reason why I didn’t do it on my own beforehand is that when you’re “playing the game” you are so caught up in the day to day, tactical issues of your business that you can’t see the big picture. When you’re in the weeds, you can’t see the path so “you wander around with no sense of direction.”

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS! As entrepreneurs we tend to have ADD and think about a thousand different great ideas we have and keep chasing squirrels, then wonder why we are not getting the results we want. This is why goal setting and accountability are key in the Mastermind group. Stop worrying about everything and focus on that one (or two) thing that is going to move your business forward.

Do you need to sell more or your current product or service?

Do you need to create a new product or service to compliment what you already offer?

Do you actually know what your clients and customers want and are you giving it to them?

And what about the retreat you ask? We had so many amazing breakthroughs and people actually getting things done! So often, we consume content and think about how to do things better, but spin our wheels and don’t actually implement our strategies. This is what the implementation retreat was all about. Not only did we all get to see each other in person (which was pretty amazing), I brought in experts to address the issues the Mastermind members were having.

It is so amazing to see everyone making progress and really moving away from the day to day issues and really stepping into that CEO role.

Lastly, what other benefits have you gotten from Millionaire Masters?

  • The people in my mastermind group are amazing – so open to share their knowledge and perspective and help you in any way they can. We’ve become good friends.
  • Jaime has arranged important introductions to top notch people in different fields
  • I operate my business much more as an owner now rather than an employee of the business
  • Accountability and positivity (through sharing wins) in our mastermind calls

I LOVE connecting people, it is really my bread and butter. Having these amazing people in the mastermind and being able to connect them to others that can have a positive impact on their business is SUPER important to me. I am here in the group to help you whenever you need it. Whether you just had a huge win you want to share or are freaking out about something, I am here to help and be your cheerleader or to calm you down.

For more info on Millionaire Masters click HERE!

Thanks so much for listening!

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