How Much Should You Risk in Business? With Jayson Gaignard

Founder of MastermindTalks, Mastermind Retreats, and The Early to Rise Podcast – Jayson Gaignard

Jayson GaignardJayson built one of the largest ticket companies in Canada, which he eventually let die. Why? We go into what the causes of his burn out were and why he didn’t jump off of the sinking boat beforehand. We also go into how he started his new venture, and it all started with an $84,000 risk!

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7 responses

  • This was a great interview you did with Jayson Gaignard It was really informative and also inspiring too.

    It was a great reminder as well.

  • Great interview with really good time saver tips!

  • As a Leadership Coach for women, this was incredibly inspiring. I do live events as well and was encouraged by his story. Thank you for sharing it! Jayson gave so many great takeaways. I especially identified with his comment about just taking action and learning from the action. Also, the thought about taking care of our health the busier we get (sleep) was a great reminder. Thanks, Jamie. I enjoy your show.

  • If anyone is interested to the Charles Duhigg’s interview mentioned in the podcast.

  • Awesome interview. The first one that I have watched twice. šŸ™‚ As a fan of the Power of Habit, I also plan to use Jayson’s tip to refresh my knowledge about building habits. Thanks for sharing all those actionable, information-packed interviews.

  • Great interview. Very enlightening, especially the discussion regarding the value of your network.

  • Great episode Jaime! What an inspiring story and wonderful comeback. Jayson’s ideas and motivation are awesome! I really enjoyed this conversation.

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