How Machine Learning and AI is changing business with Liam Martin

Academic Ninja, Process Designer, Study hacker, Time Doctorer… – Liam Martin

The future is already here. My guest today can predict when someone is going to quit their job, before they give their notice. How Machines are already smarter than us in so many ways.

Liam Martin is the Co-Founder of and Time Doctor.

We talk about building a Saas company and what the future of tech will impact for your business. It’s not going to bypass small business! You need to know what’s coming up.

Things to learn from Liam Martin:

– How can predict when someone will quit – what parameters do they look at?
– What roles in your company will be robots soon (even I was surprised!)
– How AI will change businesses in the coming years
– How much to invest in research and development with technology changing so quickly

P.S. I’m doing a webinar on Thursday! For six figure business owners and their team.

I’ll be going through the step-by-step checklist of core business systems you need to have to scale. Plus I’ll have you rate them – so you and your team will walk away with a customized plan!

Liam’s Websites:

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2 responses

  • So Liam thinks corporations like Uber are going to grow vertically taking the driver (entrepreneur) out of the equation. What are the possibilities that Uber and Lyft and Google keep these clients and even when the cars are automated and self driven there is an independent owner that takes care of them, keeping them clean and managing the client list, engaging, etc. Some people may own just one ride and others may have 10 or 20. The same thing will happen with 3D printing, companies will specialize in the design and development but entrepreneurs and freelancers will seek the client engaging and giving the service. Instead of getting your Nike shoes from Amazon, you go to your local shoemaker down the street that has the licensed 3D printer specifications and you buy it from him.
    What are the chances of that happening?

    • Hi Juan,

      As technology advances, there are bigger chances that would happen. We can’t pinpoint a specific date in the future but things like that is slowly happening because of the fast advancement of AI.

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