How Joy Gendusa Built a $50 Million Postcard Empire

PostcardMania Founder & CEO – Joy Gendusa

I’m ecstatic to have Joy Gendusa back on the show. Joy Gendusa is a direct mail expert and Founder & CEO of PostcardMania, which she founded in 1998 with only a phone, a computer and zero capital investment.

Now it’s a nationwide marketing firm, has been an Inc. 500 company with a revenue of $50 million in annual revenue, pumping $9.5 million in salaries and wages into the community. Since the last time we spoke she’s she’s doubled the size of her company and now has 247 employees.

Check out these episode highlights::

  • How she created a $50 million postcard empire
  • Why speed of particle flow alone determines power
  • How she created a marketing team that is now an industry juggernaut
  • Why you need to go BIG on your quantity, and then tweak it for quality

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