How chat bots are converting better than email with Andrew Warner

Founder of Mixergy – Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner is best known as the pushy interviewer who founded Mixergy, the place where proven entrepreneurs teach. Andrew came on to talk about chat bots. Specifically, why major companies are making chat bots a big part of their marketing and sales strategy.

Here are the 7 things to learn with Andrew Warner:

  • He explains what the heck a chat bot is. And if you already know what it is, you’ll still discover some interesting (and profitable) uses for chat bots…
  • Andrew invested in chat bot companies early on. He’ll reveal what he saw in chat bots that lots of other people missed…
  • You’ll see the incredible response rates you can get with chat bots. Andrew is a numbers guy, and he shared the cold, hard data…
  • He reveals the name of a huge company that’s secretly using chat bots right now. (You’ve definitely heard of them, you probably even own their products…)
  • He’s taught people how to build bots as a service … and they make $5,000+ per bot…
  • Andrew is a serial entrepreneur. His first company was bootstrapped to over $35 million before he sold it…
  • I made him feel uncomfortable because he’s usually the one asking the questions… 🙂

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