How Alexa is going to Revolutionize Business with Stuart Crane

Founder / CEO of Voice Metrics – Stuart Crane

Stuart Crane is a seasoned entrepreneur of 30 years.

After 25+ years founding, growing, and then exiting a successful software company, he’s going all in on Voice, and leading the voice revolution!

Stuart dove headfirst into the world of voice technologies. He designed a software platform to deliver key business information to professionals just by asking. Voice Metrics was created allowing businesses to use voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana to retrieve their KPI”s, metrics, and business updates via voice.

As the voice revolution continues to grow and become more ingrained in people’s lives, Voice Metrics aims to help businesses quickly get the information they need.

A few things you’ll learn from Stuart:

  • How Voice Metrics was developed, how it works, and how it will revolutionize business
  • How to pick your top KPIs and what systems you need to make sure your team works on your KPIs
  • How to introduce your new product in the market
  • How to understand the difference between opportunity and distraction when new ideas are thrown at you

Stuart’s Website:

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