Hardcore Lead Generation With Ryan Stewman

4X best selling author. CEO of Hardcore Closer. Founder of Break Free Academy – Ryan Stewman

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Here’s what you’ll learn from Ryan about Hardcore Lead Generation:

– There’s 4 types of leads out there: Discover the two you MUST avoid.
– How this old Youtube video changed Ryan’s life? and why it could change yours too!
– How to know you have a failed business plan and one way to fix it.
– How to niche down when you don’t know where to start.
– Why 90% of your prospects aren’t ready to buy from you yet? and what to do about it.

Tune in and listen: Hardcore Lead Generation With Ryan Stewman

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  • Jamie

    Another great video….. lots of bang-on content and some great disruptive ideas.. the Navy Seal of Closing… thinking outside the box, focus and working on the challenge until you succeed… great inssights.

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