Hacks for Better Decision Making with Darryl W Lyons

Co-founder of PAX Financial Group – Darryl W Lyons

I’m so grateful to have my amazing friend, Darryl W Lyons, back on the show. Darryl is the co-founder of PAX Financial Group. PAX Financial Group, LLC was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc.com (Inc. 5000). He is the author of Small Business Big Pressure, The Grand Money Chasm, and 18 to 80. In this episode, Darryl talks about his upcoming book – 18 to 80: A Simple and Practical Guide to Money and Retirement for All Ages.

As a BONUS to Eventual Millionaire listeners, he’s giving away free resources including a free retirement checklist, because he’s passionate about helping you invest in your life because he believes you deserve more! Download it here: paxfinancialgroup.com/em.

A few highlights from this episode:

  • Hacks to turn your decisions into successful habits.
  • Why 87% of investment results in decision making and how to make better decisions with your money.
  • The two things that are absolutely critical to push through some of these challenging times.
  • How creating that Monday morning checklist can help move forward towards your goal of a million.

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  • Looks like a very interesting podcast episode! Looking forward to listening!

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