Grow Your Online Business Super Fast with James Schramko

Founder of SuperFastBusiness – James Schramko

James SchramkoJames has a huge internet business online at – We discuss how all traffic is paid traffic, how to create a pull market, tactics and tips on finding buyers online, and how he makes millions a year with content marketing.

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Hi Iā€™m Jaime. Each and every week I bring you the top business advice from the people who know best.

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15 responses

  • You ask good questions

  • Hi There – really enjoyed todays episode, so many tips and advice. I’m just learning and some of this seemed like a masters degree! Thanks for sharing this content. Also, I have to compliment you on the quality of the site/video/podcast and especially the transcript is so helpful! Thanks Jamie. Hope to be at NMX in Jan and maybe connect there. Thanks Pete

    • Awesome Peter! Glad you got a lot out of it. And I would love to meet you in person at NMX! Make sure to come chat with me after my speech if I don’t see you before šŸ™‚

  • Jaime —

    I’ve really enjoyed your shows, keep up the good work!

    I had to come over and comment on this episode because James said the magical line that burns me to no end

    “Just throw out a site for free or for a few hundred bucks”

    As someone who spends his time coaching startups and brands to make strong impacts with their platform – this couldn’t be further from the truth. I also spend my time with a lot of WordPress entrepreneurs who are building out $10 – $100k WordPress sites/apps.

    When every startup or new web marketer follows the lead of your site’s design and implementation as “cheap and throw away” your brand will be impacted. Everyone will be using the same free theme, cheapo code, and hosted on a $4/mo GoDaddy account.

    Further, the less you care about how you’re building your site (the theme, code and plugins) can have a serious effect on your growth. What happens when traffic does increase, when you are processing a mil in revenue a year or scaling to 100’s of products?

    Still can’t relate?

    Read Pat Flynn’s post when his site went down for a week:

    That’s a loss of nearly $12,000 for the week.

    Sure it might not happen to you, but when it does, it’s going to be painful. Then there’s brand impact when a competitor strolls in.

    If you launched Eventual Millionaire on a free theme from and I launch The Eventual Billionaire and spend $5k on a custom design and all things being equal — chances are the better site will win out.

    Other than that, great ep and I don’t doubt his other tactics. Good on you for always pushing for the extra details.

    • Great point Matt!
      I think it depends on what people we are talking about – you are totally right about the choosing between two websites – one that had a lot of money put into it and one that didn’t.
      But I did start my site as a side project with a free theme- when I realized I might be on to something I ended up spending a lot and doing a redesign.
      So I think it’s more or less a validation of an idea.
      If you are trying to charge out of the gate and know your brand and what you are doing- then you are right- spend the money upfront and do it right the first time.
      At least that’s my opinion on it! šŸ™‚

      Pat didn’t spend a lot on his sites at first either- and then once it started bringing in more he invested more – it just took a long time to do that. šŸ™‚

      So nice to meet you Matt- Love the detailed comment šŸ™‚

  • James is awesome! Great interview Jamie. Thanks to both.

  • comments?

    • Comments should be workin Matt! Are you not getting my long response? šŸ™‚

  • This was one of my favourite interviews to date, no doubt about it. Apart from all the great tips, there’s something so matter-of-fact and down-to-earth about James…Very amusing. I also felt like he offered a fresh perspective.

    • I agree- even though I had never really follow James work- it was extremely obvious how down to earth he is.
      Truly a great teacher!

  • Schramko is one of my favourite online marketers! My husband and I even have a saying when trying to make a decision in our business – WWSD (What Would Schramko Do)?

    He’s one of the most open and honest entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

    Another fabulous interview Jamie šŸ™‚

  • Jaime, this was a fantastic video. Good interviewing. Wow! James had so many specific tactics and tips.

    I’m learning so much from your videos and site. Thanks.

    Btw, I see you introduced the floating yellow box like he suggested. Nice.

  • Jaime, I thoroughly enjoyed your interview. I for one, would welcome more online marketing content. I had no idea you could use someone else’s video and change everything around SEO-wise using Leadplayer.

    I don’t know if Google would reward for pasting the same video on multiple pages with varying titles, but it seems as if James has had success with that.


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