The Great Hustle Debate

Here’s what you’ll learn from Jaime about The Great Hustle Debate:

– The type of hustle Gary V talks about and why it won’t work for you.
– What “taking action” really means and how to pick actions that get you results.
– How to take advantage of your “optimal anxiety state” and use it to smash your goals.
– The only type of hustle that won’t cause you burnout.
– What is the “Comfort Zone Challenge Chart” and how to use it to hustle smarter.

Click the links above to tune in and listen: The Great Hustle Debate

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2 responses

  • Excellent information Jaime! Many times people think “hustle” and the new one “grind” means all in, all the time, which is not sustainable. As human beings, we have a limited amount of focus, energy, and time. I would even venture to say that those who do say that they are “hustling” around the clock have many other things that go lacking in their life. They just don’t mention that. Anyway, great advice as always. That’s why I like “Eventual Millionaire” instead of “At All Cost Millionaire”.:)

  • Hi, please include some transcript of the videos. Would be really great to scan their contents for many of us. cheers. L.

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