Generating Leads and Generating Revenue with David Shteif

CEO of Revenue Enhancement Group – David Shteif

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David ShteifDavid has a multimillion dollar business that generation leads and more revenue for companies. How does he do it? It’s all in the data.

He knows that data (in forms of emails, customer information and more) is very valuable. Discover how he makes data profitable! He gives tips and techniques along with his amazing story of building companies.

Data sometimes seems intangible, but listen to David and you can understand why there is a lot of power (and revenue) to be had in data!

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3 responses

  • Hey Jaime and David,

    just finished listening to the audio version of this interview on a relaxed Saturday morning, thank you for sharing the insights!

    Very valuable info in terms of marketing and of your way of working, David. I am just starting on my first product as a fresh entrepreneur and doing a bit of market research here in Germany, but I still have to dig deep. The notion of providing something of high value really resonates with me.

    Thank you again and have a great weekend,

    • Sounds like a lovely Saturday morning! Glad to have been a small part! šŸ™‚

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