Gaining Traction and Finding New Customers with Gabriel Weinberg

CEO & Founder of DuckDuckGo – Gabriel Weinberg

Gabriel Weinberg 204There’s an art and science behind how to find quality customers ready and willing to pay for your product or services. If you’re looking to take more long walks to the bank in 2015, you won’t want to miss this interview with Gabriel Weinberg where he lays out the roadmap to taking your biz from surviving to THRIVING.

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3 responses

  • Jaime,

    Thank you for delivering such useful information. It really helps a lot.
    In the end of the podcast you mentioned the IFTTT app. But could you also share your recipe for the activity with goals and sms.

    Thank you!


    • Hey Sergey – Jaime made a recipe just for listeners – check it out here:

  • While most people would not find duck duck go by doing a search for “search engine”, that’s the way I found it some time ago. I go there from time to time, but most of the time the result is no better than Google, but some times it’s better.

    If he wants it to really catch on, he should make the search results more accurate than google, because that is where google is failing. And as we all know filling a need where someone else is failing, is how to build something that people will take to.

    Wayne Sallee

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