From Zero to a Million in a Year Starting with Only $500 (and no experience!) with Michael Epstein

Founder and CEO of eDimensional – Michael Epstein

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Michael EpsteinMichael’s friend said, “Hey we should start a 3d glasses business!” and he said, “Yes!” and the rest is history.


Listen in how Michael started in an industry he didn’t know, started with $500, and hit a million in ONE YEAR.

It’s an amazing story that you will love!

Thanks so much for listening!

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2 responses

  • Thank you for another great interview Jamie! Tons of useful information, as usual. I am getting ready to start a series of art classes for parents/children and the part about PR was very helpful and pertinent. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Great interview Jaime! Michael is a great inspiration since eCommerce is my focus and I got some great tips and ideas.

    Thanks for doing these!

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