From selling “trash” to a multi-millionaire dollar business with Alison Prince

Serial Entrepreneur – Alison Prince

Alison was a Jr. High teacher and ended up a serial entrepreneur. To earn extra money for her family, she started selling products online. Her first online products were left-over craft supplies she found in the corner of her office. Those were the first steps she took that led her to build not one but four multi-million dollar businesses. Currently, she is showing others the secret in building their online dream business.

“In business, find that person who can hold your fear for you.” – Alison Prince

Episode Highlights:

  • How to use your own resources to get started with your business
  • How fear almost stopped Alison from starting all her businesses but used this method to fix it
  • Learn how Alison taught her kids to build and grow their own 6-figure business (giving other options than college)
  • How starting and growing 8 businesses almost killed her
  • Why going deep and focused are better strategies for your health and wealth
  • How to push yourself out of your comfort zone

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3 responses

  • There is is an error that the post can’t be played. I would love to watch the interview.
    Kelly Thompson

  • Hi Jaime,

    I am just starting my business.

    It’s just so inspiring and powerful to see all these women, including you, having these similar goals as I have. Although my business is just starting.
    Thank you so much it’s really incredible and a great help listening to these experiences.
    I realize I am not alone and out of mind wanting to be in charge of my future and it’s a great feeling.

    Best wishes,

  • Hello Jaime,

    You wouldn’t believe that I watched two episodes of your podcast back to back. I have heard so much about you via Jason and Jeremy of IBM as well as John Lee Dumas. Actually, I have you, Pat Flynn and JLD down as inspirational online Podcasters ….so watching you do your thing was brilliant to see.

    Keep on inspiring us. God bless you.
    Kindly follow back on Twitter.

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