From Podcast to Millions: How Art of Charm Exploded Revenue with Jordan Harbinger

Co-founder at The Art of Charm, Inc – Jordan Harbinger

Jordan HarbingerJordan started a podcast way before it was the trendy thing to do. His podcast Art of Charm created a great platform for his business model – selling the Art of Charm Academy. Listen to Jordan’s story and learn what he thinks the most important thing is to grow a hugely successful company.

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6 responses

  • I am sad to see that you did not put your video on YouTube. I love to watch your content there. šŸ™

    • Me too! Youtube says my account is in bad standing because of the interview that had swearing! geesh! Trying to get it back up!

  • Great interview and amazing work you’re doing. Keep going!

  • hi
    this is the first time I listened to your show, and I really laughed. Thank you. You guys are funny, I came on the website because I wanted to send a link and now I figured out this silly thing with the microphone. I was busy before I found your websites, and now i am even busier. greetings and appreciation from Krak?w Poland šŸ™‚ Richard

  • I always make bad first impressions.

    This is great!

    The blog manager and me are very much alike.

  • I just found this video and absolutely loved it! The stuff you guys discussed was so informative. Keep it up!

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