From Corporate job to Tech Startup with Massive Success with Edith Yeung

VP, International Business Development at Dolphin and also a Founding Partner at RightVentures – Edith Yeung

Edith YeungEdith was a young woman in tech, which is quite rare in itself! But realized she didn’t want to work for someone else the rest of her life. She ended up co-founder a mobile browser called Dolphin and it has had massive success. Learn how she quit, but also how they grew Dolphin to millions of users all around the world very quickly. (Plus she started a tech meetups called BizTechDay with 3700 entrepreneurs!)

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7 responses

  • It?s not really about money, in fact if you want to make money you would probably be better off working for somebody because it?s just so much harder being an entrepreneur and trying to figure out all of these things and spending time making the product, all of these things. So that?s the main reason.

    LOVE LOVE THAT Part.. its so true. its not always about the money, but the freedom, and flexibility working for yourself. There are many ways to a million but 90% sure its not working for someone else.

  • Hey Jaime,
    Sorry to say, horrific audio, totally out of control, actually the same for the previous one, and the one before that had both audio and lighting issues but less severe… So there is a pattern here… what’s up with that?
    You need to take control and educate the interviewee on lighting and audio AND test both before the interview to make sure all is good.
    I don’t see any reason they will not be happy to cooperate if you tell them that you want them to look and heard their best.
    That put aside, love your interviews, inspiring and informative, great mix… Keep on the good work but take care of this nonsense…

    • I know!! I had spent HOURS on the phone with tech support – most of it was my connection which I pay for as high speed as it gets. So I apologize! But they sent a tech to my house back then- and don’t worry- the interviews are way better now! šŸ™‚

      It took this geek over 6 hours on the phone with tech support – but I finally got them to admit what it was! hah. My line. Anyway- yes – it will be better in the future! šŸ™‚

      • OK great Jaime, but that resolves only your part of the issue.. The poor lighting in past interviews, and the disturbing loud background noise of people talking in Edith’s office – these are interviewee’s issues, of which they are not aware, hence they need to be advised either verbally or by a short prep list. I am sending my clients a prep sheet before the first session,to get them properly on the page…

        BTW – The lighting issue is easy to resolve – have the interviewees tape a sheet of white printer paper over their table lamp, and direct the lamp towards their faces, this will produce soft diffused light which will make them look great… if there is nice light outside, they can move their laptop over to, and face the nearest window.
        You cannot avoid the testing prior the interview if you want quality audio and video. The content deserves it.


  • Jamie,

    your upload seems good but damn this interview’s suck with audio and people are totally not professional.. and that’s from IT sector with piss poor internet connections..

    other than that rock on with these interviews, good job


  • p.s. sorry for miss pronouncing your name Jaime

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