From Accountant to $4.5 Million Dollar Budgeting Software Company with Jesse Mecham

Founder of – Jesse Mecham

jesse mecham_204Jesse created a simple spreadsheet to help with his own personal finances. He needed to pay rent, so he decidded to sell it. 10 Years later he has a company with 29 employees. We discuss how he build it, hired the right team, and why they consider themselves an education company not a software company. Also we discuss the KEY things you need to know about your business finances!

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  • I need a budget šŸ™‚

  • Where can we email Jesse Mecham for his book?

    • Hi James, tweet Jesse at @jessemecham and he’ll send you a link!

  • Our family is fairly new to YNAB, we’ve been using it for a year (totally renewing the subscription cause we basically can’t breathe peacefully without it anymore), but we’re constantly looking for new info about anything related to the company and the YNAB family. Great interview with fantastically relatable questions. Thank you both for offering this to us!

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